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The Vibration Trainer prior to and after training sessions. Equally the vibration trainer can be used to reduce pain, increase circulation to inflicted joints and provide effective low impact resistance. Vibration studies have shown that vibration technology can reduce the recovery of damaged muscles and tendons. Using the Vibration trainer power plate for just 10 minutes per day, three times per week, can compare to 60 minutes of conventional weight training. Working out on the Vibration exercise machine is similar to any other form of training but uses only a third of the time. You start with easy, short training sessions, and gradually progress to a more intense program. Increasing the impact of the vibration training results in a stronger body.

Use of the vibration platform power plate can be adjusted according to personal objectives, physical condition, sex and age. The vibration power plate intensity depends on the hertz (resistance), and is adjustable between 30 to 50 Htz, in 9 levels. Get your power plate platform today!




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