Whole Body Vibration Therapy
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Body vibration therapy with the Vibration Platform is adding a new component to fitness training - Trends on power plate

Vibration power plate Machines are capturing the attention of health and fitness professionals, athletes and celebrities around the United States and Canada by introducing the cutting-edge benefits of whole body vibration therapy with the power plate Vibration Machine--a therapeutic strength and conditioning machine. Utilizing whole body vibration therapy principles, the Vibration Machine substantially improves muscle strength, performance and flexibility.

Studies have shown power plate vibration therapy on the Vibration Machine enhances blood distribution, which is critical in regenerating damaged tissues as well as in the circulatory system's ability to deliver vital nutrients and hormones throughout the body. Ultimately, it can enhance an individual's general wellness and quality of life, regardless of age, physical and neurological condition.
Vibration power plate fitness can help many problems such as bone loss.

Vibration Platform

The VibraSlim Whole body Vibration is the best quality machine on the market.
Even machines costing thousands more are not of the same Quality, Construction or Performance! The VibraSlim is ROCK Solid and Super Quiet, unlike others that feel like they are going to break, sway side to side and are VERY LOUD.

  • Our Solid Steel construction (not plastic like the others) assures a solid and quiet operation!
  • The VibraSlim is Compact - having a footprint of only 24 x 28 inches, it will fit anywhere.
  • Easy operation - simple manual controls and three automatic settings.
  • Proper vibration exercise motion with vibrating up/down movement - some machines do not!
  • Powerful 1.5 horse power motor! 20 different manual power settings.
  • Affordable - comparable vibration machines sell for between $3000 and $14,000!


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